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D1: Hi there!
D2: Been long time, yes? How are you?
D1: How are we?
D2: What's bothering you?
D1: How do we know that we are real us?
D2: You just know.
D1: What if what we think is us, is not us?
D2: What doubts you?
D1: I don't think I'm that good. Or content. Or kind to myself. To us.
D2: Why?
D1: It's just my anxiety. Promise something I'm afraid I can't deliver. As usual, putting a lot pressure and expectation to myself. I know it's useless, but I just can't help it. I guess, this is the real me.
D2: Why is it bothering you so much when you're not real?
D1: Good question. Maybe I just want to embrace this uncomfortable feeling without feeling guilty that I can't be like what I expect myself. Sorry, me.
D2: Apology accepted. Anything else?
D1: I'm also afraid I can't be consistent in pursuing what I decide for me.
D2: Take your time. No rush.
D1: We're running out of time.
D2: At least we're not running from reality.
D1: Are …