first post

first post! (well, actually there's more in my previous blog at livejournal).

this year i've created one simple ied greeting:

"sorry". simple word, huge meaning. della

some people say it brings cold atmosphere to idul fitri which is known as holy-warm day (i say for excuse: jakarta is hot, so no warm-air needed, haha). some people say it's cool, good quote. but my reason is: i just wanna use the simplest way to send an easily understandable message to people. just that. am i too much? or too less? or enough?


swhanez said…
quite cool kok del.. hahah. *gw pikir lo singkat banget gitu emg pengen ngemat karakter sms*. lol

once again: Happy IED! :D

ps: sepi amat yah. mana shoutboxnyah?? hehe
ini masi underconstruction nes. masi jetlag ni transisi dr livejournal *ngeles* haha.