random six

random one

"the (second) hardest things to say (or explain) are when you are... empty"

it's just me or it is hateful, when you are about to explain many things but you can't. not even a single word while your head is like gonna explode. nor do feelings. just empty. stupid mind and cold-hearted. now i hate myself even more *sigh

random two

have my hair cut. feel like... handsome. also think that i'm samping-genic. but when it comes to mirror, reality is bitter. haha.

the picture was taken on last day of java jazz festival. even tony braxton didn't want to see my face. picture worth thousands words. too bad. LOL

speaking about tony braxton, i thought she's a boy until i saw her performance. common sense name. like 'toni bermain bola'. don't you think so?

anyway, seeing that picture makes me miss my long hair. missing my long hair makes me contemplate. contemplating makes me wonder... life is like an impusive cutting hair decision, it may be a regret, but hair is growing. we grow through life, we grow through regret. but we are growing, aren't we? no, i'm not philosopher, nor wise(wo)man. just hu(wo)man who has silly thought about hair.

random three

a busy week, a lousy me. i guess my friends already angry at me because of my unwell-done task. sorry friends, i promise will get back my focus and no more mb this year.

random four

basketball player. actually i'm not into sports related to ball. wresting and sweating for a ball just doesn't make sense (for me). why don't you just give one ball for each? simple and peaceful. alright, i know i'm not competitive person. forget it. that's not what i wanna talk about.

what i wanna talk about is i'm dancing as a basketball player for my jazz ballet performance. more to hip hop rather than jazz. don't have any idea how to act cool like a sport-guy. difficult.

btw, speaking about sport-guy, just curious, why do girls love and 'kya kya' ing for cool basketball player? just curious, no offense.

random five

wanna learn digital imaging picture. so cool! like one of my friend said:
"adobe photoshop itu keajaiban dunia ke-8"
so true! even i'm still a dummy at adobe photoshop, it gives me a new excitement while learning something new. well, actually, not that new.

random six

i love greek myth. i love eating food i love first. i love black and red stripes. i love random post. just don't know why i'm colouring love with blue.


dechu said…
Gue baru tau ada yg nganggep Tony Braxton itu cowok.
Yasudahlah, mungkin emg kl genre musik lo yamapian jadinya suka ga merhatiin yg lain2.