bla bla bla, and?

i love to envy
i love to adore

i have friends to envy
i have family to adore


i NEVER think to change myself
into people whom i envy and adore

so why on earth there's still people
who try to change ME
so that people can envy and adore?

hell i care!

i just love to learn from them
not learn to BECOME them


kebetulan baca said…
AND why on earth do you feel frustrated by people's request. why don't you just stay the way you are, no complaint.

"you think it's a crime cause you do it too" ~me.
maybe, you want people to just shut themselves up like you do. you want people to change too, for you.

or are you just envious of their ability to change for others, and you just can't.

or you just adore too much those who can change for you and feel dissapointed for others who just can't?

they care like hell. (and it's a crime cause you do care others like hell too, ask yourself)

sorry to leave such a comment. just want you to take your time, ask my "envy - adore" question to yourself.

hope i can be of some help.
kebetulan komen: hahaha, yaudalah ya. thank you for leaving such a comment. it helps, really.

just wondering, why on earth u think i'm frustated by people's request? i'm not, just annoyed. and of course i stay the way i am, why don't?

yes, i envy and adore people who can change people. a lot. really. but try to change me to whom i envy and adore? now it's a crime.

peace. no offense, hehe.