insight from abroad trip

"your language ability is none when you don't know how to speak"

...or too lazy to talk

and feel like don't wanna marry foreigner just because of its native language. 'ice tea incident' was such an irksomely funny experience LOL


"you cannot not communicate"

...even when you actually don't try to

having the same look as native people was a 'err.. sorry, we don't speak your language' moment somehow. fortunately, there was 'symbolism' LOL


"strong bone is everything"

...when you are lost

and have to walk in deadly 'poor starving midnight' LOL


such an unforgettable LOL-traveling time


Anonymous said…
I want to write a few tips, yet I'm too lazy to do 'just' that.

Actually, the most important think is: "Never open your mouth!" especially if you have a 'local' face,, muahahahahah

It help you reduce MUCH money (free entrance fee to anywhere)
and if you act like you can't speak (disability)...well, I think people will give you 'nice' gesture (including high discount, lol)

Too bad we're not THAT a**
pertanyaannya: knapa harus pake anonymous sih? zzz =________=;;
Anonymous said…
jawabannya: karena lebih males lagi nulis nama buat identitas, ahahahah

P.S. wow word verificationnya tulisannya : SUPIR
wuedeeeh, supir ni yeee. yg nyetir siapa? *krik krik