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ARGH! part 2

(another junk post) okeh, udah 2 kali aja loh. abis nulis postingan panjang2 keapus gitu aja. belajar dari pengalaman del, belajar. ilfil nulis jadinya. grr.. *marah2 mulu lo del kaya giant (copyright: jodi) *sensitif banget si kaya budi wind chime (copyright: budi) *tinggal nulis lagi. nulis tinggal nulis, kaya orang susah deh (copyright: klo diri sendiri boleh di hak paten in ngga?)

speech obama

President Obama’s Speech in Jakarta, Indonesia THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary November 10, 2010 Remarks of President Barack Obama - As Prepared for Delivery Jakarta, Indonesia November 10, 2010 As Prepared for Delivery— Thank you for this wonderful welcome. Thank you to the people of Jakarta. And thank you to the people of Indonesia. I am so glad that I made it to Indonesia, and that Michelle was able to join me. We had a couple of false starts this year, but I was determined to visit a country that has meant so much to me. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly quick visit, but I look forward to coming back a year from now, when Indonesia hosts the East Asia Summit. Before I go any further, I want to say that our thoughts and prayers are with all of those Indonesians affected by the recent tsunami and volcanic eruptions – particularly those who have lost loved ones, and those who have been displaced. As always, the United States stands with Indonesia in responding to this natura


keki. abis nulis panjang lebar tiba2 keapus gtu aja. idiot. err.. postingan macem apa ini?!