#11 fear

have read the daily horoscope said:

"what is stopping you from moving forward with a plan or a dream, taurus? is it fear of failing? or, is it fear of succeeding? both scenarios would be intimidating, depending on your own sense of self. there's an idea you have entertained for some time now. you've fantasized, you've explored the possibilities, you may even have done some actual research on the subject. yet you haven't done anything concrete at this point to take it further. now is the perfect time to gain momentum with a special goal. first, though, you must figure out whatever is stopping you, and move beyond it."

well, though i'm not 100% horoscope believer, it's mystically true that i somewhat have to manage this fear-feeling by doing something concrete. gosh, how on earth can i have both fear of failing and succeding at once? it's a bit nonsense, no? well, live your fearful life to the fullest, then you'll find out that nonsense is nonsense.

paradoxial intention, or an optimistic half-empty glass?

nb: ini juga termasuk postingan curang (dikit). nanti ditotal ya del curangnya berapa sampe hari ke-30.


Shanti said…
*komen yg ga terlalu nyambung*

sementara lu demen zodiak, gw tertarik bgt sama tarot. kadang gw main ramal2an tarot di newagestore.com

bener enggaknya, gw sambung2in aja sendiri semau gw hahaha..
mau dong cune ramalin, hohoho!
Shanti said…
kaga bisa ngeramalin gw mah.. noh main aja ke newagestore.com hehe