#16 ultimate boredom

starring at this pic, feeling pretty much alike

day ten. so lazy to post anything actually. but well, i've failed twice on #30harimenulis project, so no more excuses for laziness. but since i'm too lazy to think a daily theme for today's post, then i'ill just write the easiest kind of post: how i spent my day today.

today my friend came to my house and played all day long. it's been a long time not doing this kinda lazy-homy-quality-friend-time. it was quite fun, though we did nothing but chatting, laying on bed 'mager'-ly, and playing game, just like what we usually did back then when we were junior high student. i still remember those usual after-school activities. jumping from one's home to others', going to the very nearest mall from school, or just hanging round in no where waiting for bunch of some evening courses to start. useless yet priceless.

now, no more evening courses.

anyway, she just went home about few hours ago (now it's ten o'clock) and i felt like "oh how time fly so fast" in this very slooooow-pace time. then suddenly feel lonely again. gah i'm so bored bored bored. anyone kind enough to offer me job that can be done at home? :p