#2 recap moments

january: internship at lowe.

february: still had internship at lowe. february 19th = attended iombc as documentation staff. started #30harimenulis project.

march: went to bali with family. first basic training month.

april: got dengue fever. still basic training month.

may: may 3rd = my birthday. may 8th = basic training "anak sekolah" show.

june: june 24th: s.sos day!

july: on holiday to pulau perak, kepulauan seribu.

august: august 8th & 9th = okk days. august 17th = documentation staff on parade senja.

september: september 8th = first anniversary. september 16th = graduation day!

october: october 5th = went to food festival at summarecon. october 16th & 17th = impulsive bandung trip. october 22nd = sea games volunteer training. october 23rd = lowe intern reunion and teambuilding guard.

november: sea games volunteer. november 8th = went to europeonscreen. november 14th = watched "retreat" at inafff. november 18th = 1 year chiput in memorial. november 19th = attended NAC session 1. november 20th = basic training "kicir kicir" show.

december: december 2nd = had new ipod nano. december 10th = attended NAC session 2. december 13th = had jfc volunteer interview. december 14th = had an accident. december 24th = went to gpmb. december 30th = went to jfc.


w yuni said…
Jun 4th : Prettiest girl alive birthday blast *gw*
err.. iya dah yun =________=