#38 crossword puzzle

...is as addictive as sudoko and tetris. yes, you can call me old-fashioned or whatever, but this is one of my favorite game of all time.

besides the internet connection and duet combo illustrator-photoshop, this game is one of "i can do it a whooole day" boredom killer for this useless-stay-at-home-ultimately-doing-nothing month. geez i need to get better soon or i'll be dying of boredom.

anyway, common says that people who like to play crossword puzzle or any kind of word game will have wide knowledge, rich vocabulary, and sharp memory. but in fact, it doesn't work out for me. or maybe not yet? i hope so.

by the way, is it just me or kompas crossword puzzle IS difficult? well, since i rarrrely read kompas and fill the crossword puzzle corner, i bought the compilation book instead.

the last time i saw it in gramedia, it's already in 3rd edition, while in here, i still haven't finished the 1st edition. by the last time i've done it, it's still number 13. how on earth i can be that slow (¯―¯٥)

seems like google doesn't help much. or well... maybe it's just me who have no idea how to google it. thanks to the smart creator team who kindly enough to insert the answer key so that i can cheat a bit. you people, how can you be so smart? who are you sir, mam?