#40 dying of boredom (part 1)

obviously had nothing to do yet, this morning i googled 'dying of boredom' and surprisedly found this:

"when you are literally about to die. when you are so bored you are watching air particles move around in circles. when you're gonna DIE! when you google dying of boredom. because you could. when you for the first time define something in urban dictionary (example: me when i'm dying of boredom)"

LOL. that urban dictionary can exactly read my mind. then i found this: "science shows you can die of boredom, literally"

when i first read the title, i was like WHAT THE HELL???! but then i continued reading the underlined bolded sentence.

"the scientist have discovered brand new discovery: the more bored you are, the more likely you are to die prematurely"

still........ WHAT THE HELL???!

"...what is important is that we consider what we can due to curb a potential epidemic. boredom is not innocuous."


"...you might be asking yourself, what the %$#@ does this mean?"

oh you read my mind.

"...death by boredom is right up there with the favorite targets of media fear mongering, public policy, and pharmaceutical companies. nobody is talking about boredom while people whine and die quietly at workplaces around the world."


"...of course, there are some serious problem with this conclusion. boredom might not be the direct culprit. someone who is bored is unlikely to be motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. perhaps bored people are more likely to subsist on microwave dinners... to vegetate on their coach... watching reruns..."

okay. it's getting quite make sense.

"...bored people are less invested in learning, challenging themselves, and growing."

OUCH. bull's eye.

"...curiosity helps our brains stay young. people that are chronically bored lack curiosity."

now it explains everything. no wonder i feel like dementor sucks my soul lately. i really have no intention to do anything. i mean like... anything. nothing interests me. so it's because of the lack of curiosity. ok then, what should i do next?

"...when our needs are fulfilled, curiosity promotes enthusiastic exploration of the world, helping create new knowledge and promote new interests. and when new and uncertain situation arouse anxiety and fear, instead of being paralyzed, we explore instead of avoid."

okay. so?

"if boredom kills, then cultivating curiosity heals"

wait. is that all? yes it's quotable-underlined-bolded-sentence, but really, it doesn't even help. thank you very much, dr todd b kashdan, sir, professor psychologist researcher or whatever.

okay. now i'm talking to article. how pathetic (¯―¯٥)