#45 cogito ergo sum

dear mind,

please stop recalling memories i prefer not to remember.

yes mind, i know i did a lot. a lot. a lot of mistakes. i've made many. many. many. wrong decisions. seems like i rarely. rarely. rarely. did things right. i'm sorry.

i know. when i do things right, no one remembers. and when i do things wrong, no one forgets. including you. i know. again, i'm sorry. i'm really sorry.

i admit that you are great at making bad scenario, why not trying to make good one? why keep recalling bad and stupid things that already happened? nothing can be changed, you dear mind. nothing.

nothing's more useless than regret. than blame. than hoping everything will change while you're not. realize it.

so please, be cooperative. we suppose to work together, don't we?