At Least I Never Walked

There's no such thing as ideal life. Even when you like what you do, often times, you will feel tired and discover that there are A LOT OF things happened beyond your expectation.

You may take a deep breath, chill down, and assure yourself "this too shall pass". But although you know everything will be over --and leave you that mixed feeling when it IS finally over--, just keep doing what you're doing and never slow down your pace.

I'd like to associate things with running. As I start to run and set the distance, unless I plan to mix speed between run and walk, I hate to give up the run and decide to walk instead.

Too bad, besides being a sucker at direction, I also suck at calculating distance. I have no idea how far is too far. Literally. I used to think 1 mile equals 10 km, while it's actually 1.6 km. HAHA. So often times, I fail at estimating limits.

But as written on the last page of my favorite book titled "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running" when Murakami said he wanted his gravestone to be carved:
"At least he never walked"
I'd like to be like him. I'd like to run and won't walk until finish line.