Future Letter to My Lifetime Roommate

I don't know if this is necessary but I have the urge to say this to you, whom I have no idea when you'll exist in my future.

I always thought that love is like a room. There would be too spacey to fill it only with one person. Like one of my favorite line from my favorite song said, "I don't have time to be in love".

In all my life, I never pursue love. I already have plenty to share anyway. To family, friends, pets, units, even to life itself. And vice versa. So if love were a room, who said that I couldn't life without roommate?

But that's before I met you. Yeah sounds cheesy I know. But let me be cheesy once in blue moon.

If again, love were a room and you were my roommate, I would change my mind. It wouldn't be too spacey when you were there. Because of course, it wouldn't be only you there. Our beloved ones were already there even before we met.

Ain't we'd agreed that we don't have to be always together? I can go out to do my own thing, and so can you. Or if we're too lazy to go out, we can always invite our beloved ones to ours. You may introduce yours, and so may I. And as roommate, we share duties, secrets, and other stuff. We'd agreed with that, yes?

Dear you,

You don't have to promise me moon and diamond, but please just prove me a commitment, that whatever going in life, no matter how independent we are, how we embrace equity and freedom, our room will always be on-the-go list when we need home.


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
IMHO, love is like a house, there would be several rooms inside. So,there would be a room that only you and your roommate to fill it privately. It doesnt mean you cant share and connect with the beloved ones who already were in the other rooms in your house. :)