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Nikah atau Kuliah?

That annoying question, again. Dear Mom, if I told you man I consider to marry and he's planning to pursue doctoral degree but unfortunately he's with someone else, what would you react? As if it's easy to just hang around finding somebody to marry. Well anyway, even there's one, why in rush? I can wait, I'd take my time to go easy, for sure. So why so much pressure? Can I beg you to stop, please? Can you just give up giving me options you know I can't choose? Because really, Mom, it burdens me when you keep showing your dissatisfaction that I can't meet your expectation of that ideal 3M world: Married, have Master degree, and be Mother like you. And it burdens me even more if I'm being blunt to say your pressure is a burden to me. Burdenception. You matter to me, and if you keep acting like that, I'd hate myself for being 'anak durhaka'. So for now, until that time comes, let me have my own inner peace, move on,