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Midwife Story

Once, there was a midwife. In her world, man could be pregnant and gave birth. One day, after helping a man giving birth to a baby boy, the man went away, left her a short note that said "if you could reimagine a kid, would you mind raising mine? I need to fix my own life first." Confused but excited, the midwife decided to adopt him, took over the parenting responsibility, poured her heart and soul to take care this cute baby. He grew up fast and by the time he was 2, the man came back. "Now as my life is fixed and awesome, I'd like to take my son back. He must've missed his dad a lot. Thank you for raising him and be wonderful foster mother. You're doing such great job." She stunned in silence. "If you still want to take care of him, you can live with us," he kindly made an offer. Politely, she refused it and walked away. Just by that, the midwife lost him. Soon after she could digest what had happened, she bursted in