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How to NOT Feel Like Shit

Boy oh boy, How to stop feeling you don't deserve people's acknowledgement just because you think you're not doing good enough? Oh dear, Even if it's true that you're not doing good enough, do you think people have no right to acknowledge your work? Oh dear, Have I told you that nothing's worse than rejection? Especially from yourself, to yourself. Oh dear, Chin up, smile, and be grateful. Feeling proud is not a sin. Don't be too hard on yourself.


Shit, I miss you. But I ain't gonna tell you. Not because of fucking pride, but because you don't deserve appearing in my dream these freaking days. Geez, why are you so damn bothersome? Ugh! Della is typing.......... Hai. Apa kabar?


Ada kata yang bisa membuat situasi dingin jadi hangat. Kata ini pun bisa membuat yang hangat jadi panas. Lalu yang panas jadi dingin. Hati-hati dengan kata pemantik.