Nekat, nggak

Della 1 (membujuk dengan segala cara): "ini ada, itu ada. Apa yang lo takutin sih?"

Della 2: "banyak."

Della 1: "tinggal nekat aja seperti biasa kan?"

Della 2: "justru karna biasanya nekat, kali ini nggak mau. Gw takut."

Della 1: "Biasanya lo takut tapi tetep nekat. Sekarang kenapa?"

Della 2: "kenapa nggak?"

Della 1: "yaaa.. pokoknya kabarin kalo udah siap nekat lagi. Time's ticking."

Della 2: "fuck time and fuck you. I don't need anyone to push me nor decide for me. I'm here in my comfort bubble until I, myself, decide when I'll take a next step. I know I'm slow and it's okay. I'm okay."

Della 1: "no you're not, my dear stubborn Taurean princess. The scar is pretty bad, huh?"

Della 2: "the worst."

Della 1: "yearite. Like it couldn't be worse."

Della 2: "you bet. So, just shooo~ I'm busy binge-Webtoon-ing."

Della 1: "Easy, girl, easy. Just want you to know, you're not the only one with problem. Don't be a prick. I'm here stuck with you. So, finish your Siren's Lament mermaid whatever thing and go burst your bubble."