#23 Changing

Change is inevitable. Adaptation is optional. Still getting used to this back to basic blog theme while keeping my all time favourite banner, the attractive red hair lady with green eyes, found somewhere in internet. Gosh I wish I could paint this as a mural art on my bedroom wall. Also, dyed my hair red. But realistically speaking, I think I'll look awful in red hair.

Sooo.. never mind. Just blabbering the nonsense.

Anyway, why changing the theme again? The last one is not that bad though. Umm.. to be honest, I feel uneasy every time I review post using that new theme. It's nice but it's like getting rid of my entire identity. This default theme can provide that sense of familiarity, I don't know why.

One more thing. I like keeping archive posts. With the last theme, it's a constant struggle to edit the code manually to keep the oldest post exists. Not planning to delete any of those anyway, no matter how embarrassing I was back then in my 20s. After all, the best way to let go is not to omit, but to admit, yes?

By the way, it's few months before going 30. You ready, Del?