#3 Folding

The obvious truth about doing chores is it won't finish itself unless you get that shit done.

A little confession: I never do ironing. But I do folding clothes. Especially in time like this, where I'm learning how to do Konmari method by myself. The principle is simple: make a rectangle shape and fold it 3 times until it 'stands' (I have no idea how to explain it).

Problem is, not all clothes have fine line (in literal meaning). Sometimes the outliers need a little trick to fold into rectangle shape. And hell, Y U NO STAND?!

When feeling frustrated, I wish I could wear same easy-folding clothes every day. But my question to myself, if I discard the joy just because it's difficult and replace it with what's easy, will that bring me joy?

Sooo.. well, to finish strong, sometimes we have to let go of perfection and uniformity. Embrace the uniqueness of things that spark joy. Or else, we'll never get shit done.