#6 Feeling

Della 1: "Congratulation, you've made it! You conquer your fear and doubt. Even, your ego. How do you feel? Relief? No more haunted by serial dreams, yes?"

Della 2: "Indeed. I finally realize that nothing is a waste of time, energy, or even money, if I know something is worth fighting for. Nothing great comes easy. Even if I lose the battle, at least I've won over myself. I'm doing the right thing."

Della 1: "Question now, are you ready to open up for relationship again? Being vulnerable and allowing yourself to count on someone. Letting that someone messing with your life. Loving that someone so much it hurts. Having a broken heart but no regret."

Della 2: "I'm ready, but it might take some times. There's no one, anyway :))"

Della 1: "Doesn't matter. Take your time. At least you know you want it because you know it's worth it. Love is a beautiful thing. It's a privilege, not a weakness."

Della 2: "Funny, huh? The more intense the feeling, the more I deny it. I'm trying so hard to numb it, yet it's still there. I've made a mistake. No fatal damage to anyone, but I was damaging myself. It surely wasn't easy. I'm afraid I'll make the same old fucking shit."

Della 1: "Thank God you're still following your heart. It's okay, dear. You're only human. What do you expect? Playing hero? Hey! See the bright side. Now that you've admitted it, you're stepping to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Be it work or love, do what you think is worth fighting for. Good luck!"