#1 Highlight 2018

Actually, I'd like to present good stuff about this year, like got invited to be speakers in plenty events, finally released "Mimpi Anak Seberang" book, successfully handled Limitless Campus batch 2, initiated Kelas Inspirasi Tangsel Goes to LPKA Tangerang, visited Shure University in Japan, and other things.

But the highlight of this year was about redefining myself.

2018 was very tough and confusing for me. I felt kinda lose faith in humanity and kindness. I was being suspicious and doubtful, believing that behind every good deed lies something fishy. I struggled with trust issue.

Also, it was a year of uncertainty. Life purpose I kept repeating over and over again became a vague word. A term without definition. A preach without substance.

For those who knew me so well, they relentlessly tried to pull me back while I kept numbing my own overwhelming feeling as a coping mechanism. I sorta lost myself.

At the end, it was such a pain yet a relief to finally decide that I had to let go of something I once thought would last forever. While in fact, it was never mine in first place.

Despite all of this emotion catastrophe I've faced in 2018, I was proud of myself. At least, I've tried my best to still walk my talk until the end. I stayed true to my own value. This year was also a moment of truth, realizing some qualities within me, that I once took for granted.

One important lesson learned I had to put some attention:
"When something is too good to be true, it usually is not true" - Handoko Tjung

Well anyway,  happy new year! My advice for my future self is hang in there. Things might seem like fall into pieces. But always believe that it will fall into places eventually. Have a little faith!